Water Leaf Abstracts
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I’ve been photographing Silver Falls State Park near Salem, Oregon as a two year campaign intended for a book project. On one of my all day hikes I discovered some material for an exciting new series of photos which I’ve entitled Water Leaf Abstracts. Water Leaf Abstracts are digital photos that are a mysterious exploration of fluid elements: water, leaves, reflection, movement, color, two dimensional space and time. The photographs were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II using a Canon 100mm f-2.8 L series macro lens. Autumn this year has been rich in vivid color generating plenty of material for great landscape and close-up photography. The Water Leaf Abstracts are a combination of images composited in Photoshop. Most of the images are composites of 2 to 3 images; some are successful as one image with photo enhancement in Photoshop. Texture, color, movement and reflection are elements of design that when combined become expressions of abstraction that leaves the viewer with a mysterious perception.



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