Corporate Portraits

Executive Corporate Portraits
This gallery features corporate portraits of LANGLEY Investment’s executives (formerly Ashforth Pacific). The portraits are expressed both in casual and professional attire. The corporate portraits featured in this gallery are from the LANGLEY offices in Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. Most of the photos were staged on site in offices at the Lloyd Tower with the city of Portland in the background. The San Francisco and Seattle portraits were also done the same way – in one of the executive offices. I usually like to shoot head shots with a low F-stop for shallow depth of field so the subject features naturally as separated from the background. Light stands were used with diffuse light from umbrellas. We set up 15 minute intervals for shooting with two wardrobe changes – both casual and formal.  Timing seemed just right as we did not get behind on the schedule which started at 9AM. As the sun moved west throughout the day’s shooting we had to move to different offices to avoid having too much backlighting. Once the background becomes too bright, the interior/exterior light ratio changes dramatically. Different poses and unique set arrangements were designed for each person to express a different style and personality.