Creative Profile

Architecture is for people and it is exciting to communicate design ideas through imagery! An important aspect of architecture is the human component where people are portrayed  living in the built environment.

I enjoy shooting architecture because I’m working with architects, designers and builders who hire me to express what I see in their project and are paying me for my interpretive eye. The creative process is what I enjoy most about being a photographer. Working with architects and designers is very stimulating. To connect with an individual or team of people in order to understand the passion of their vision, their process, and learning about the components and materials they use to build environments for humans is the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction! I enjoy image making that proves to be successful for my client’s marketing needs and winning awards. I know I have been successful if I my clients have been able to generate new work as a result of my imagery.

Studying artistic expression, collaborating, and learning design concepts from other artists has influenced my vision and decision-making process.

A reputation for excellence has derived from my ability to develop solutions for clients willing to invest in my interpretive aesthetic. The result is a clearness of expression that demonstrates the client’s vision and purpose.

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