Rick is an experienced architecture, interior, and real estate photographer with expertise in designing creative and effective marketing materials. Based in the Portland-Salem area of Oregon, Rick has a background in visual arts, graphic design and project coordination with a proven track record for developing productive solutions that have led to successful marketing strategies and award winning achievements. A reputation for excellence has derived from a strong grasp of visual aesthetics, technical expertise, software, workflow, proactive research, attention to detail, and meticulous planning. Rick’s ability to develop solutions for clients willing to invest in his interpretive aesthetic has proven results—a clearness of expression that demonstrates the client’s vision and purpose.

“Beginning this year with limited equipment, but with lots of imagination, I have introduced aerial still photos and video motion as new form of communicating architecture and design for clients. With the addition of [drone] aerial photography and videography, we have been producing high quality stills as well as small video snippets of exteriors and some interiors featuring client’s building & design. I’ve brought on board Tony Rousseau, a highly skilled operator, as a partner in the aerial business. Now we have the expertise to produce a well-crafted video with motivational sound that enhances the project experience adding yet another tool for architects, builders, and designers to market their services.”

Memberships: ASMP, NARI, AIAP, REPAI